There are three different ways of using CaseIQTM

1. Direct document upload

Kick-start your legal research without keywords. Directly upload a legal document which may include briefs, motions, impugned judgments or relevant extracts from these documents into CaseIQTM.

Follow these simple steps:

a. Add document in MS WORD or PDF format

Add document

b. Add document URL

Add url

c. Copy and paste document as text

Copy text

d. Upload a picture of the document and let the in-built OCR digitalise it (The picture needs to be of sufficient quality for best results).

Run CaseIQ through Intelligent Judgment Search

2. Run CaseIQTM through Intelligent Judgment Search

  • Summarize your legal issue into keywords and input them in the Intelligent judgement search (IJS) bar.
  • Analyze the results from the 'first step' of keywords.
  • Tick and select the results which you find most relevant. (up to 3 in number)
  • Apply CaseIQTM simply by clicking on CaseIQTM button (Green in color) on the top right corner of the screen.
select specific case laws


  • From these results, you may select specific case laws and then further narrow down the search results by using the 'REFINE' feature (available as a tab in green) to explore a particular line of enquiry in much greater depth by finding case laws similar to the ones selected. Just TICK (on the right side of the result) results you are looking to refine. Also, you may further bookmark related judgments and run CaseIQTM on them.
add precise keywords within the filter bar


  • Moreover, if you are looking for something precise, find the needle in the haystack with one click. Just add precise keywords within the filter bar (Blue bar on the top left corner). The words added will be explicitly highlighted in the results.
Run CaseIQ through Research Center

3. Run CaseIQTM through Research Center

  • Create case/topic in CaseMine under which the legal issue is to be searched. Summarize your legal issue into keywords and put it into Intelligent Judgment Search.
  • Bookmark (click on the tiny ribbon on the right side of the result) results which are relevant.


  • Go to Research Centre, click on CaseIQTM button which is near the case/topic created.
Go to Research Centre
Apply CaseIQ


  • Apply CaseIQTM to the judgments bookmarked. (up to 3 in number)