Search on Casemine as you search on Google!

Example: cell site information violates fourth amendment rights

If the use of operators still interests you, construct your query in any of the following ways:
Title: Search by directly entering any case title.
Examples: in re Application of DODD
Phrase: Search for an exact phrase by placing it in quotes.
Examples: "invalidation of an arbitration agreement", "doctrine of issue preclusion"
Proximity: Find words near each other by placing /N after quoted words, where N is the number of words that can come between them.
Example: "divorce child custody"/10 will find the words divorce and child custody no more than 10 words apart.
Intelligent Judgment Search Help

Search Connectors

Truncation (*): The root expander or truncation find various forms of a word.
Example: acqu* yields cases with variant endings, such as acquire, acquisition, acquitted etc.
Wildcard (?) : The Single character wildcard replaces single letter in a word.
Example: te?t yields cases with any that fits with this wildcard such as - text, test etc
Search Connectors

Boolean Operators

AND: To restrict a search
Example: privacy AND security will find the documents have both privacy and security.
OR: To expand a search
Example: transportation OR energy will find the documents have either transportation or energy.
NOT: To exclude a word from a search
Example: undertakings NOT contract will find the documents matching undertakingsbut not contract.
Boolean Operators