About CaseMineTM

At CaseMine, we believe that the only thing constant is change itself. Hence, we have been continuously and tirelessly looking for ways to innovate legal research. Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, our unique system of document analysis captures the essence of your legal research. CaseIQ, our AI enabled research tool extracts the facto - legal matrix of any document uploaded onto it. As a result, the authorities that are retrieved are clinching precedents - as they mirror the context of the document uploaded on to CaseIQ.

Using technology to analyse the various aspects of jurisprudence, CaseMine augments your legal research in a multidimensional manner. Our Importance Matrix feature shows you those parts of a judgment which have been relied upon by other judges-thus allowing you to skim through a judgment in minutes. CiteText, another feature, effectively reduces the time taken by you in following up on a particular authority. Use our virtual Representation to discover the latest judgment on any legal proposition in a few seconds.

Our aim is to add value and efficacy to your research - while simultaneously reducing the time consumption.

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